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Remembering the Union Carbide Summer Camps
Page by Bob Lilley, Santa Barbara, CA
SCHS 1959; Cliffside '51-'53, Camelot '54-'56, JC Camelot '57, CIT Cliffside '58
-- with thanks to a large number of contributors!
Updated 5/19/14
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Updated 2/13/11

For many years, the Union Carbide Corporation in South Charleston, West Virginia, operated summer camps for children of employees. Camp Cliffside, near Coal River, and Camps Camelot and Carlisle in the forest near Blue Creek offered sports, crafts, learning and fun activities. Each summer, hundreds of "Carbide kids" spent two weeks at camp as pre-teens and teenagers. I built this site for the memories and in hopes that other alumni would remember and appreciate all over again those valuable summers! For example, I discovered that the son of a special friend from South Charleston High School days also built a site specializing in Carbide camps. He and I share stories and materials, and memories. Randy Rice's site is undergoing a rebuild now, and may be unavailable for a while. Share your memories by sending pictures for posting. Check out Carbide Camps on Facebook, MySpace and YouTube, also!

-- Robert W. Lilley

Updated 9/1/10


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