Click here for a Google map to various reunion locations. Yes, it’s Randy’s map from the 25th Reunion,

But this stuff doesn’t move around much…


More detailed maps with some pictures of landmarks and driving directions, are Map1 and Map2


Registration was required for guaranteed food and souvenirs 


Online Registration is closed as of June 30, but you are welcome to “walk-in”!


 For walk-in attendees, we’ll do our best to provide food and souvenirs. Please contact Bob Lilley with questions.


Discount! ALL THREE DAYS; July 13, 14 and 15
 $40.00 per person over 10 years of age.

Friday Evening, July 13 - $15.00 per person age 10+ Icebreaker reception

Saturday, July 14 - $15.00 per person age 10+ On Blue Creek
4:00 PM banquet

Sunday, July 15 - $15.00 per person age 10+
1:00 PM: Catered Farewell Picnic Luncheon

At Little Creek Park, South Charleston (see below – new location)


Hope to see you in Charleston and  on the Creek!


Carbide Camps 30th –Year Reunion!


To all Carbide campers and staff,


It’s the BIG 30th! The reunion commemorates the 30th year since the Blue Creek camps Carlisle and Camelot closed. Additionally, we’ll remember Cliffside, the “starter set” for many of us as campers. You are cordially invited…!


Events will take place during the three-day weekend of July 13-15, 2012.


Yes, 30 years ago, some of us would be starting to think about packing up for two weeks on the Creek and all the activities and friends that made Summer so special.  Just a few years before that, some would have been headed for Coal River, the twin swinging bridges, Cabin Row and  the magical self-lighting campfire.


Now, we return not only to our memories of the camps, but also to the very present friendships and sharing that make camping, and Carbide, and West Virginia unforgettable – make it essential to explaining why we are who we are, and who we are yet to be.


Our past meetings -- even the small annual mini-reunions -- have served to “tend the flame”.  We’ve preserved the Camps’ themes of Native American and Arthurian values of interdependency and teamwork, of rules and reason, of work and play. We’ve recognized their importance as part and parcel of that thin veneer of civilization we stretch over the chaos. These heavy concepts were transferred to us relatively painlessly, in a couple of weeks each Summer. Every camper we encounter expresses the belief that those positive lessons persist in us today and in our children for the future.  


Join your reunion committee and fellow campers in Charleston

and on the Creek to remember and refresh the Carbide Camping spirit!


Remember the wings, castles, hootenannies, sign raids,

Early-morning wake up raids and dances … and exploding beans!

Surprise souvenirs – mementos – ceremonies!




Friday Evening, July 13


7:00 PM to ? Icebreaker reception and T-Shirt pick-up at Charleston Fraternal Order of Police Hall. A keg of beer will be on hand, with food and soft drinks, and an open cash bar. Karaoke! Pool! Dancing! Scrapbooks sharing! Memories!


Yes, we have 30th-year commemorative T-shirts available for pre-order. There are shirts for all three camps! You need to order shirts, either for shipment or for pick-up at the reunion, by June 20.


To the FOP: Capital City Lodge, FOP #74; 4284 Woodrum Lane; Charleston, WV 25313; LAT: 38.3848, LNG: -81.7086


For directions to the Lodge, visit:


From I-64 Dunbar Exit, take Roxalana Rd. to WV St. Rt. 62.  Turn left onto 62, go 1/2mile

and turn right onto Woodrum's Lane.  Go 1/4 mile to FOP on the right. There should be signs posted.


You can also take WV 62 at the intersection in North Charleston where the Cold Spot is. Just follow it approx. 1 mile to Woodrum's Lane on the right, and go 1/4 mile to FOP on the right.


Saturday, July 14


Please note: The route to the Hunting / Fishing Club and the camp sites requires travel on dirt roads with multiple stream crossings. The camp sites are more than 1/2 hour from the nearest help. Some Saturday events are held in undeveloped areas where cell-phone and emergency services are not immediately available. Guests should plan to bring appropriate vehicles, optional overnight camping and hiking gear, and any medications or other immediate needs. Overnight Camping is at your own risk. Everyone should always be alert to avoid accidents and to help others."   


To Blue Creek: Meet at the Carbide Hunting and Fishing Lodge around noon, for trips to the Camelot and Carlisle campsites and surroundings. Unstructured hiking, visiting all day, and a catered 4 PM evening banquet at the Hunting and Fishing Club Lodge! Surprises!


[NEW] People staying overnight on the creek should bring their own tent and mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows, snacks, beverages and breakfast. Be sure you have a vehicle that can traverse Blue Creek, and keep an eye on the weather!


Camps crafts revival - Lanyards!


Placement / Unveiling of Camps Memorial Plaques


Ceremonial ringing of the Camelot Bell.


Exploding Beans”, probably. Ghost stories certainly!       


Sunday, July 15 (New Location due to storm damage at Coonskin Park)


1:00 PM: Little Creek Park, South Charleston, Shelter 2: Catered Farewell Picnic Luncheon.

 For a map, see
         Basically, take Kanawha Turnpike and turn south on Spring Hill Ave. Go to Little Creek Dr.
        Look for signs leading to Shelter 2.