Remembering Union Carbide's Camp Cliffside

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"The Cliffside campfire comes to us in the evening,
That follows the close of the day.
Each flame brings us peace, and a calmness of spirit;
That drives all our troubles away...
We're thankful for days, and the joy that they give us,
For nights and the rest that they bring...
As we go on believing, in the love we're receiving;
At Cliffside's campfire  as we sing."

Visit these pages and pictures, and remember with us...
-- Early History --
From John Goetz IV - 
1946 Cliffside Report

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1947 Cliffside Booklet
1948 Cliffside Booklet
1948 Booklet copy 2
John Goetz M.S. Thesis 1952
Appendix A
Appendix B
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